Office Bearers

President: Andrew Bradley

Cellar Master: John Coco

Secretary: Dean Stevens

Treasurer: Gab Yanes

Food Master: Andrew Lewis

Wine Master: Anthony Singleton


Menu 800th Dinner

Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding/ Horseradish cream
Parmesan Shortbread/Cream cheese/Yarra Valley caviar 
Sustainable Yellow Fin Tuna Tartare/Confit Egg yolk/Rye
NV — Billecart-Salmon - Champagne
A Tasting of Tuki Farm Trout, (Smoked, Pickled, Raw) 
2016 — Tomboy Hill "The Tomboy" - Chardonnay 
2016 — Clyde Park — Block B3 - Chardonnay
Southern Ranges Fillet of Beef Wellington, Onion Puree, Shallots, King Brown Mushrooms 
2004 — Penfolds — St Henri - Shiraz
2004 — Seppelt — St Peter's - Shiraz
2008 — Castagna — Genesis - Syrah
Pavlova with Rhubarb and Creme Patissiere with Ginger
Craig's Petit Fours 

NV — Navazos — PX Gran Solera 25yo 
Food Master: Andrew Lewis
Wine Master: Anthony Singleton
Consultant Chef: Ian Curley
Head Chef: Scott Alsop

More about Dinner 500

FWSFA website

Hi Dean,
Prior to our 800th Dinner on Saturday, I would be pleased if you would forward the following to all members regarding the new FWFSA website. With a little fanfare, it was launched, together with an updated FWFSA logo, at the recent FWFSA AGM in Orange.
The main features of the site are that it contains 3 levels of access - a general page open to the public, a members' section available with a members login, and a yet to be opened committee members' section.
The public section will provide anyone doing a general search of Wine & Food Societies with basic information and contact details. We are able to write our own description and information, and I was pleased to see the the link to our blogspot has already been included. 
In the Members section more specific information about the Society will be available. 
The Committee section will be for meeting papers etc.
It would be appreciated if members could visit the website and test it for themselves. In fact, it is important to let the committee know if there are any glitches and they can be reported up to the developers.
The details are:

The Federation of Wine & Food Societies Of Australia Inc: 
Members Login: FWFSAmember
Password: Member$01

Kind regards, and I look forward to catching up on Saturday,


Ancient History
As this week we celebrate 800 Dinners some of you might like to take another look at this document. It dates from 1991 and records the first 500.

Farewell from the President

More about Jim

I last saw Jim at his home on the 2nd April to have a chat with him about his Membership of the Society for this year. When I say I went to have a chat it ended up with Jim doing the chatting and me doing the listening but looking back that was just what he needed. He regaled numerous stories from his past and it was evident that he really enjoyed life, well most of it anyway, and in particular travelling, good food and great wine. His association with the Wine and Food Society was, as we know a big part of his life and he was immensely grateful for and proud of the recognition of his 50 years last year. Jim was also very interested in the drug treatment he was receiving and felt that he was, if nothing else, helping those who may need the same treatment in the future. Whilst physically Jim was not in the best of shape when I was with him, mentally he was still as sharp as ever and was desperate to attend a Wine and Food Society Dinner again. No doubt, wherever he may be now, he is at the big table chatting about those bottles that he put into the cellar.

Thank you Jim for your contribution.
Andrew Bradley

Jim Patterson Valedictory

Vale Jim Patterson

Jim died on Tuesday this week; there is as yet no family notice. I hope that this tribute to the man I knew does not cause any offence.
To realise how important The Wine and Food Society was take a quick look at his LinkedIn page. Under the heading “education “ Jim lists President and cellar master WFS Ballarat. Indeed I think it was an education for Jim and a knowledge he wanted to share.
Jim was not always the easiest of guys to relate too. In latter years he was very deaf and had a “grumpy’ manner which is common to many members of the society, probably a symptom of spending too much time on their own. However, beneath the exterior was a good sense of humour and some passions. Jim was a graduate of Point Cook in 1954. He loved to fly. He and I swapped stories, I have a family connection, a son who says there are two types of pilot “ the old and the bold’, meaning the bold usually don’t become old. I suspect Jim was the exception to the rule.
Jim was a loyal father and obviously attractive to women, some said, “He loved well and too often”.
He will be remembered by the society for years; his legacy lives on in the Cellar. Jim had a philosophy “buy the best, not too much”. I think that’s not a bad memory.

Cheers Jim,
Bob House.

Anyone been here for lunch?

What?                   Lunch in Blampied

Where?                 Captain's Creek Vineyard

When?           12-3 pm Saturdays and Sundays

Menu?                   here